Drinkwater Syndicates

We believe at Drinkwater racing Syndicates or Partnerships are one of the most cost effective ways of owning a race horse. By joining one of the exclusive partnerships you can enjoy all the privileges of being a racehorse owner without incurring all of the costs.



Owning your very own racehorse can be expensive, that is why Drinkwater Racing offers Syndicates which have been developed to allow enthusiastic owners an opportunity to be involved in very promising racehorses at a more affordable level. Another advantage of joining a partnership is being able to spread your risk. Rather than buying a horse outright you can purchase a number of shares in different horses giving you more opportunities to go racing meet new people, have a brilliant day out with your friends and have winners!

 You know the feeling of excitement and nervous anticipation when you go racing. The atmosphere around the parade ring, the famous people, the horses eager to race, the enthusiastic crowd and the sensation of cheering home the horse you have backed. Well, can you imagine the euphoria if you actually owned that horse? It is an experience that is difficult to express in words but one you will never ever forget.

Now you have an amazing opportunity to experience this emotion for yourself by being part of the Drinkwater Racing Syndicate, an easy and beneficial way for you to become a racehorse owner.



 The majority of the syndicates consist of 10 owners, giving you a significant share at a reasonable price. However, if you prefer a larger stake you can purchase more in multiples of 10% enabling you to join a smaller syndicate or a smaller stake to keep costs within your budget. If we feel it will be worthwhile, especially with a higher priced horse, there may be the occasional syndicate with the maximum of 20 owners.


Syndicates can be tailored to suite any number of owners and all budgets.

Drinkwater Racing Syndicates thrive on having a family feeling around their yard and within their Syndicate owners so therefore:

You own the horse

You name the partnership / syndicate ie. The Cheltenham lads

You choose the racing colours

You also decide on a name for the horse (if un-named when you purchase your share). Your partnership has its own bank account

You can visit your horse at a convenient time 7 days a week with family and friends You receive 2 racecourse badges every time your horse runs if not more if we can.

You will be invited to many dinners and socials events at the race course and away from it.

You will receive weekly photos and videos on your specific syndicate What’s App group. 

When you hear ‘they’re under starters orders and they’re off’, the horse will not be the only thing that is racing but your heart be will too come and live the dream with the Drinkwater team.