Emma Drinkwater

Head Lass

Sam Burton

Assistant Trainer

Tom Drinkwater

Traveling Head Lad

Joe Drinkwater

Traveling Head Lad

Ned Fox


Macey Ballard

Stable Lass


Stable Lass

Renata Alferova

Stable Lass

Florence Drinkwater


Johnathan Bowman - Jumping Coach / Syndicate Manager

Johnathan has a long list of accomplishments on his own horses and for owners. Highlights of his career have included representing England on many occasions, competing at Horse Of The Year Show, Olympia and Hickstead, as well as being selected to jump all over the continent. Johnathan works with our horses and riders on a weekly basis.

Emma Padfield - Equine Chiropractor

It is incredibly important that our horses are in great shape at all times. Emma Padfield, our chiropractor, is a vital part in maintaining our horse’s form. She is a reputed chiropractor, with many years of experience in the field.

Jess Limpkin – Equine Physio

Jess has owned, ridden and trained a number of horses over the years and also worked within point to point, showing and breeding yards. By ofoffer the following manual therapies: sports, remedial and healing massage therapy, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, joint mobilisations and gentle stretching.She is a vital part of ensuring our horses are kept in the best possible shape

Tom Siddal - Equine Dentist

We also have a quality Equine Dentist in Tom Siddall. Tom is an ex-jockey and natural horseman who is able to comfortably put a horse at ease. Before he performs any procedure, we will first confirm the payment with the owner. If the owner agrees, we will go ahead with the operation, and the extra changes will be added to their monthly bill.

Mark Georgetti - Equine Vet

Mark Georgetti, who practices at the nearby Three Counties Equine Clinic, is our vet. He is highly knowledgeable and provides a truly outstanding service. He also knows our horses very well allowing him to quickly notice any abnormalities in a horse’s behaviour and identify whether any health-related issues are the cause.